Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Everyday Sexism

Another video for you here, possibly even more important than the previous! The Everyday Sexism Project is something that we can all be a part of right now, and more than that, this video clarifies why we should be a part of it- why we should share our stories.

I actually wanted to share this video initially, but due to my lack of skills when it comes to technology I can't work out how to include it in the post! So please feel free to watch either video, the one above or the link provided, as they are both massively worthwhile. The one I initially wanted to include has some pretty hard-hitting stories from women themselves about their own experiences (be prepared to wonder why the hell wanking goes unnoticed on the tube?!). And I feel Laura aptly sums up the significance of the project when she notes the impossibility of being silenced once 25,000 voices are backing you.

I find it breathtaking actually, not only the support this project has, but the bravery within some of those voices- I assume it is mere determination to be heard that is pushing women to dedicate their stories to the cause because it's hard to be so honest. 

I definitely recommend taking a look at the projects twitter page (here) to read the stories as they trickle in. It actually gets you thinking about all the times you may have experienced sexism (if an experience doesn't instantly come to mind), and crucially relays a sense of mutuality and the crucial momentum for change.

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