Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Girl on Girl Hate

So, I was introduced to this video by YouTuber Laci Green via the website Upworthy (which I highly recommend for your daily dose of inspiration) and, as someone who feels very strongly about education and women's issues I really wanted to highlight it here. 

I feel like many of us can understand Laci's initial admissions of avoiding "girls" in an attempt to rule out bitchiness and backstabbing; I know as a result of being schooled at an all-girls institute when my education ended I internally declared that girls as a collective were horrendous and congratulated myself for surviving! However, this video highlights perfectly the issue with such perceptions, and more so, the need to educate girls today about the community they are automatically apart of as women.

I'll let Laci do most the talking, but I just think that it's worth noting that in a world where lines are drawn all over the shop due to colour of skin, religion, culture, band preference etc. it's supportive to know that your gender should also admit you to a network based on mutality and understanding. I feel gender should most definitely act as an opportunity and not a barrier: or, often is the case, a space for hyper-criticism and degradation.

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